Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big, Big Day

Today is a big day-- really big. First and foremost, Oliver is spending his first day at home... after his first, long, sleepless night! His brothers were here last night (hence, my exhaustion and, thus, no post yesterday.)

Oliver's cousins were so excited to finally "meet" him. Benjamin surprised me most of all, thrilled to stand by the bassinet and coo, "Hi, Oliver. Love you."

Second, but equally huge in Krinkeland, Amanda learned how to ride a two-wheeler! She approached this skill much as she did potty training, and all the other big milestones so far in her young life: She knew how to do it for weeks and months, but still had to work up the guts. Today, she just hopped on and took off... stopping only long enough to lobby Daddy for a new bike:

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