Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Could Have Decked Him

We are having deck dilemmas. We've lived in this house for nearly two years, and have known since we started building that we obviously needed a deck. How can you live on the lake and not be able to sit out on the deck?

Well, first there was time trouble... Then, there was penny pinching... Now, we have a little city conflict over fun things like setbacks and such... In the meantime, we are running into serious design dilemmas. I've talked Todd into a screened porch off the den, adjacent to the deck. I have not talked him into a balcony over the porch, off the master bedroom. The main problem is where to put the stairs. Our backyard is small and terraced with retaining walls. Plus, we don't want railings and steps blocking any of the big windows.

So, we spent part of the afternoon driving around neighborhoods with our eyes peeled for interesting deck/porch combos. When we'd find one, Todd would hand me the camera and say, "Lean out the car window and take a picture." And, I'd say, "No. Someone will think I'm a Peeping Tom (Andrea) and call the police!" So, instead, Todd would lean over me and take a one-handed photo through the passenger window. Not the best shots. Then again, we didn't see the best porches.

I have the perfect picture of what I want... It's somewhere in this disorganized head.

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