Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is Anyone Else Following This?

It began as a soliloquy on bandages, and ended with a bizarre simile.

I heard a lot of drawer opening and closing and wrapper crinkling, but I really did not want to get up to find out what the girls were doing in the bathroom. No need-- they came to me. Cue the Amanda lecture:

“Mom, you need to buy more of these Band-Aid brand Band-Aids, and not the ones with medicine inside (Nexcare.) We don’t need the ones with the medicine inside because we have this cream right here (Neosporin, cap off… Didn’t we learn anything from Benjamin’s latest near-poisoning?) And we don’t like the ones with the medicine inside because they are too sticky and too hard to pull off. I mean, it’s like I’m a wet buffalo and Libby’s pulling on the end of my tail!”

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Goodness, Andrea. Thank the LORD you have someone to guide you. I hate to think of what would happen to your children otherwise! :-) LOL.