Monday, July 21, 2008

Just Like Daddy

Amanda pitched a fit last evening, saying her new bike was too big and too hard to ride. I pointed out losing her temper did not help, and made her look silly in the process. Took me back an hour... Earlier in the evening, while at Target buying the bike, I could not find Todd and the other kids at the checkout. When I finally noticed them out in the car, I stomped out of the store with my hands in the air. Amanda asked why I fight so much.

So, like mother, like daughter... But that got me thinking about how my children are like their father. I'm not sure if it's genetic, or environmental, but there are definitely some things that separate my kids from other kids-- because Todd is their dad:

1. Instead of beginning stories, "Once upon a time," my kids start theirs with, "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."
2. Amanda rips video game controllers out of others' hands and scolds, "No, you're not doing it right!"
3. Popcorn is a food group and movies are a way of life.
4. Not one of the children will eat rice.
5. After a day of swimming, when I make them shower because they "smell like lake," they look at me like I'm crazy.
6. They take apart a lot of things to "fix" them, but rarely get around to putting them back together.
7. They have to be asked to do something at least five times.
8. Amanda is freaked by spiders.
9. You'll remember, Ben started bellowing, "Andrea" before he said "mama."
10. Everybody likes to drive the boat fast.

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Heidi said...

Amen. And, btw. The photo of Libby with the tatoo scares me, too! LOL.