Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thar' She Blows!

You just can't count on Mother Nature. Summertime is time to entertain at our house, and we had invited friends to spend the day. Even though it was sunny, not too hot and not too cold, we really could not enjoy the lake because it was WAY TOO WINDY!

We tried. Really, we tried. Maren got a sand facial, and I had to sit on Libby to keep her from blowing away. But, Jason, Todd, and Todd took the kids in the water for a little while. It looked like they were riding waves in the Pacific. They soon emerged, blue and shivering, and begging to go in the house and put on their clothes. So, it became more of a talk-and-play-cards kind of day. But, that's a good day, too.

Todd (on the left,) Jason (right,) and Amanda (life-jacketed, in the middle) set adrift

Julia and Ben making their own waves

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