Thursday, July 17, 2008

What to Watch

Todd is gone again. That means stricter adherence to the kids' bedtime, because I am definitely ready to go off duty. Once everyone is in bed (me included,) the wind-down begins. I do read, though not as much as I used to, because my free time is so inconsistent, I can't remember what's happening each time I pick up the book. There's always a stack of magazines and catalogs I've been meaning to get to. But, mostly, my before-sleep routine includes some mindless television.

When I'm the only adult in the house, it takes me longer to unwind, so I use the time to catch up on my favorite ridiculous TV shows, all pre-recorded and waiting for me. These are my favorites:

"Flipping Out," Bravo
"The Bold and the Beautiful," CBS
"Gene Simmons' Family Jewels," A&E
"Top Chef," Bravo
"What Not to Wear," TLC
"House Hunters," HGTV
"Iron Chef America," Food Network
"Flip That House," TLC-- or is it "Flip This House," A&E? (I like 'em both.)
"The Two Coreys," A&E
"Deadliest Catch," Discovery
"Throwdown," Food Network
"Moving Up," TLC
"Cash Cab," Discovery
"Cash in the Attic," HGTV
"A Baby Story," TLC
"The Secret Lives of Women," WE
"Clean Sweep," TLC
"20/20" (revisited,) WE
"Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," Food Network
"Big Brother," CBS

You don't have to shake your head at the blog and mutter about how stupid these shows are. I already know that. That's why I like them.

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wendyz said...

Okay, your TV play list is also identical to ours. That is funny! Looks like everyone is doing well there. We are loving CA.