Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Digging Our Way Out of Construction

We found out last night Elisabeth's preschool opening will be delayed one week due to construction at the church. There has been a big building and remodeling project going on all summer, but, we peeked in the preschool room and found it untouched, so I'm not quite sure what difference one week is going to make... but I guess we can't do much about it. I think Libby was secretly pleased when she figured out that means another week home with Mommy and Ben.

Meantime, we got Amanda's school bus assignment. Due to construction on our road (though currently not the stretch where we live) they had her walking to a bus stop that is literally six blocks away. Well, no siree, Bob! I called, using the "catch more flies with honey" tactic... and got the pick-up moved back to our driveway, where it belongs. She will still be on a different route from last year, but, all is well, because she knows this driver. He drives the route Amanda "accidentally" found herself on more than once during the previous school year. An added bonus is that this separates her from the boy who created a few bus problems last year.

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