Thursday, August 7, 2008

Going Green

With Todd gone, again, (this is getting to be a habit,) the kids and I are just hunkered down, making it through the day. We conned Grandma P. out of two meals and some extra-adult-assistance on errands yesterday, so today I figured we'd stay put. I've been occupying myself with interesting chores, such as swapping out silverware for hand towels in the kitchen drawers-- while completely ignoring the crumbs on the floor. The girls have been making a toy tornado in the playroom. And where is Benjamin? He's in the hallway, totally unattended, coloring himself green.

After I got over the initial horror, and before I tried to scrub him, I amused myself by asking him questions:
Mom: "Who did this?"
Ben: (gleefully) "Me! I did this! I did it!"
Mom: "What did you do?"
Ben: "Holor on Benny."
Mom: "Why did you do that?"
Ben: (shrugs) "No paper."

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