Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Good Opportunity

I got this text message yesterday from my husband: "You married one big loser... I got let go twice in one year." Yep. I don't think you can call it deja vu when the feeling is familiar because you definitely know you've been there before. This time was not as much of a surprise as the last. It's difficult in the current economic climate to raise money for new businesses. And, even in good times, Todd reminds me 90 percent of all start-up companies fail.

Ever-the-optimist, Todd said, "I think this is another good opportunity for us." I'm not sure exactly what that means, yet, but, as always, Todd is excited for the future. I'm excited about maybe having him home more as the holidays approach, and about checking off a few more projects from the never-ending home improvement list. I won't worry until he suggests I get a job. Hey, maybe I could pose for some kind of a racy church calendar.

UPDATE: I just checked the time stamp and, as I was posting the original message, Todd was calling and leaving a message that he had a new job-- it's temporary consulting work, till the end of the year, but still... God must have really not wanted me to go that calendar route.

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