Monday, November 9, 2009

Sofa, So Good

Todd and I spent much of Sunday furniture shopping. It was not the first trip... I was hoping it was the last. I highly dislike furniture shopping. Todd and I have basically the same taste, we understand what our budget is-- it should be simple. But, as with any situation in life, the differences in our personalities rise to the surface. Todd is unable to envision something, anything, so we are limited to the examples on the showroom floor. He also has a hard time committing; he has to be so positive it is right. (I often needle him, "How did you ever choose someone, anyone to marry, especially someone so imperfect as me?!") About me, he would no doubt say I'm cheap and impatient. Both correct. So, we clash.

Finally, we decided on new couches and an upholstered ottoman for the living room. But before pulling the trigger, we figured it was prudent to do a little price shopping, and to take home the swatches of fabric to see how they would look with our carpeting, woodwork, etc. So, after the kids were in bed, Todd laid out the different fabrics on the floor. We took it all in, and I realized it was like living a scene from one of my favorite chick flicks, "Beaches." It's the one where the women are coloring their hair:

CC Bloom: "Do I look like Marilyn? I don't look a thing like Marilyn!"
Hillary: "OK, well, how's mine?"
CC Bloom: "Hillary, it's exactly the same color!"
Hillary: "No! It isn't!"
CC Bloom: "You just spent two hours dyeing your hair exactly the same color!"

Yes, the fabrics we chose for the new furniture are more than a little similar to the fabrics on the existing furniture. We are spending all this energy and all this money to recreate the same living room. On one hand, we know what we like. On the other hand, yaaaaawn! After the furniture arrives, and you come over to see it, can you at least pretend it's different?

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