Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Makes a Great Day

Every day can't bring marriage proposals and Caribbean vacations. I found plenty of reasons to smile on a boring, old Saturday:

*small accomplishments: changed lightbulb, new furnace filter, full water softener
*tackling a bigger chore that's been put off
*looking at Christmas toy catalogs
*getting a package
*lunch out, where no one cries, everyone eats, and someone else pays
*a little bit of alone time with each child
*a simple, stovetop supper
*feeling like I'm getting a fair deal
*all the kids playing something together
*the baby grinning over a new food flavor
*buying a new book
*an email invitation to a holiday party
*clean sheets on the bed
*ice cream for dessert
*knowing it's still not hat-and-mittens weather

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