Monday, December 7, 2009

All I Want for Christmas Is an Air-Flow Mat

Benjamin came bounding out of his phy. ed. session this morning (yes, thanks to Pam he is beginning to "bound") all excited to tell me about a new device they had used: "Mom, today we got to play on the Air-Flow Mat and I jumped!" I honestly cannot recall ever seeing Ben so jazzed about anything. I gave Pam the inquisitive "tell me more" look and she explained, "It's like one of those bounce houses, except without the walls." She said Ben practiced walking on it and jumping on it, and she would turn off and on the electric blower to inflate it or deflate it and make different surfaces for Ben to navigate.

Well, the boy has not stopped talking about this Air-Flow Mat. I told him we were going to do our Toys for Tots shopping and he said, "Good, let's look for an Air-Flow Mat. I think they have them in Rogers." As we cruised the aisles at SuperTarget, I tried to explain to Ben that the Air-Flow Mat was probably something special for gym teachers and physical therapists and suggested maybe Pam got hers at a special store just for gym teachers. Ben was relentless. He asked the clerk at Kohl's, "Do you sell Air-Flow Mats here?"

Naturally, at nap time, I sat down at the computer to find this thing. After several Google and Bing searches, I came across a wish list for a children's hospital-- where donors could go and buy equipment needed by the staff. This is not going to be good, I thought. A bit more searching and I had it: the Air Trak. Now, I just need $2,246 plus shipping.


Noel Paukert said...

Talk to Grandpa...maybe he will spring for it and then Todd can cut a hole in the computer room wall and you can set it up in there OR you can set it up in the basement if you get the boxes put away!

Ellen said...

I'll chip in $5.

HMT said...

With me chipping in, you'll have $10 (Ellen sprung the other $5). We can co-op the dang thing. Looks awesome! :-)