Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Got My Health

It sounds so cliche, but the holidays are such a time to be thankful for something we so take for granted, HEALTH.

I was speaking with a close friend yesterday and we discussed how the entire outlook on life changes when there is something, anything out of the norm with one of our kids' health. Now, that doesn't have to mean something negative-- in fact, quite the opposite-- but it's just different. When your kid has a different health status than plain ol', plain ol', it changes your priorities, your perspective, your time management, your concerns.

I can tell you, I was sick over Christmas-- pretty sure it was something I ate-- and that cast a pall over the whole holiday for me. I felt awful, I looked awful, I didn't want to do anything, I didn't want to miss anything... and I'm sorry to say it rubbed off on everyone else, too. I pouted to my husband, "Here it is, my baby's first Christmas, and I'm SICK. This sucks!"

But, now, this morning, I found out one of our friends spent Christmas in the hospital with chest pains. He and his wife, too, have four young children. Today, they are still waiting on more tests and more doctor visits. If that doesn't make me feel silly for being barfy for a day or two... Please keep Jerry, Sara, and all the kids in your prayers. And thank God for your health.

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