Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Soaking in It

Neither of the houses we lived in while I was growing up had a dishwasher. Hence, many of the childhood memories I have of my mother are of her standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes. I also remember that, though she is frugal, (like me,) Mom always bought and used Palmolive dish soap. She has very sensitive skin, that one, and claimed others were just too harsh.

So, I buy Palmolive, too. Never thought much about it, but I never had any complaints. Yet, on Thanksgiving night, my hubby and my SIL were helping their mom clean up the kitchen (I know, nice, right?) when the SIL asked, "Why are we using this crappy dish soap?" And the MIL replied, "I know. Sorry, I'm all out of Dawn." "What?!" I asked. "You both use Dawn dish soap?! I only use Palmolive." My MIL explained she just thinks Dawn does a better job cleaning the dishes-- just as the ads say, it cuts the grease. My SIL agreed, "I like Dawn because I can just fill the sink with dishes and suds, walk away for ten minutes, and come back and the dishes are clean." (I don't think she exactly meant Dawn has self-cleaning powers, but you get the drift.)

Huh, I thought. I always buy Dawn, too, but not to wash the dishes. I keep a bottle in the laundry room to use on grease stains and such in clothes. (Yet another thing I picked up from my mother... She should write a book.) So, a couple days later, when my Costco-sized jug of Palmolive ran dry, I switched to Dawn. I hate it. My hands look like raw hamburger and I don't like the way it smells. (Oh, my MIL did agree Dawn is tough on her skin, but suggested that's the price to pay for cleaner dishes. Todd asked why we don't just all wear rubber gloves. Can you tell he never washes dishes?)

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Noel Paukert said...

Thanks for the accolades BUT somebody probably told me to use that and in my dotage, I cannot tell you who...