Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Benjamisms and Madelisms for the New Year

Benjamin is very interested in talking about people's ages-- he still has no concept of adult years (one day thinks I'm 13, the next day thinks I'm 80) but he loves to talk about kids' ages, such has how he's four-and-a-half and Oliver is two-and-a-half. This line of conversation generally morphs into how old each person is going to be on his or her next birthday. This morning in the car, he started in, "Gua (his great-grandma) is already 95. That means on her next birthday she'll be 96. Then, she'll be 97. Then, 98. Then, 99..." He stopped. I prompted, "How old will Gua be after she's 99?" Ben said, "200!"

Benjamin is never really in a hurry to get to preschool. Partly, it's because "Handy Manny" is on. Partly, it's because Mommy has a tough time getting going in the morning, too. It's not that Ben doesn't like to go to school-- he does. He simply is not too worried if he misses the first 10 minutes of play time. To tease him, this morning Ben's preschool teacher presented him with a red "tardy slip." Ben took it from her, clutched it to his chest and said, "Thank you. I love it."

While I'm talking talking, I must document that Madeline truly is saying more words. To the naked ear, it may seem as though she still just grunts and screams. But, here and there, some words and even phrases come through clear as day:
all done
here go
want that

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Ellen said...

My buttons just about bust yesterday when she said, "Auntie". However, I wouldn't have minded if she had stuck with my previous title, "Mama".