Monday, May 30, 2011

Here Comes the Rain Again

We've had a really wet spring. Overnight, another round of thunderstorms rattled the cages of Krinkeland way before dawn. At one point, around 4:30, I believe, all four children were awake. I got Benjamin back into bed and happened to poke my head into the big girls' room; though quiet, Amanda and Elisabeth were wide awake, huddled on the bottom bunk around an iPod, trying to get a peek at the weather radar. Had I not been so exhaustedly cranky, I might have been amused.

All this rain has brought our lake level higher than we've ever seen it. I know it's not the highest it's ever been-- because long-timers tell stories of flood and ruin. Still, the pump system designed and installed to prevent future flood and ruin cannot be used this season, because the level on the pump-to lake is even higher than the level on ours (the pump-from lake.) As I type, Todd is in the lake, rolling in the roll out dock, so we will again be able to access it.

The high water level has shrunk our beach area by two-thirds... and, without the move, it would take a trip in a dinghy or a bionic jump to make it onto the dock.

The high water has made for beautiful clarity on my parents' smaller lake... though they had to rescue their neighbor's runaway pontoon this morning. My sister and BIL spent much of the day trying to dry out their backyard-patio-cum-wading-pool. The landscaping rocks in our backyard which typically lead to the beach now offer direct access to the water...

But, even with this crazy amount of rain, there's still no danger of our deck and would-be-screened-porch flooding. Good thing those genius civic leaders denied our project request.

It's not as though all this water will bring with it a bumper crop of mosquitoes or anything.

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