Sunday, May 15, 2011

Musicals Are Our Crack

Between working on the theater program at the kids' school and taking our recent trip to New York, Todd and I have officially become theater junkies. We have always enjoyed theater-- as actors and crew members, but especially as audience members-- but, now, I think I can accurately say, we are addicts.

I am uncertain at this point which will be the root of our financial demise: the cost of the tickets or the cost of the babysitter.

On Friday night, we went to see a friend perform in a collaborative community theater production. A fun time-- what isn't a fun time when beer and wine is included with the ticket?-- but the actors sure would have appreciated a larger audience. Come on, theater fans! This evening, on the recommendation of friends, we went to see the Broadway touring production of "Next to Normal."

Again, the cast could have used a fuller house. Todd pointed out it was the weekend of the fishing opener, but I said I doubted the two crowds crossed paths too much. Going in, we knew next-to-nothing about "Next to Normal." It was a bummer of an awesome show. How's that for a review? I tell you, that is the production where we needed the free liquor.

Next on the agenda: choosing a musical for the Saints on Stage kids to perform in 2012, and taking our big girls to see "Guys and Dolls" next month. It's a good thing both our cars are in working order... and we don't have a hankering for designer shoes... the budget's gotta give somewhere!

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Ellen said...

I really want to see "Next to Normal". Terry saw it on Broadway and said the mom is incredible. He also said it was so depressing that he does NOT want to see it again.