Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Boat

The first spring we lived in our house, Todd and I were watching a late-night movie in the den one Friday when I looked out the doors on the back of the house and saw what appeared to be a flock of UFOs. There were dozens and dozens of little, white, red, and green lights dotting the darkness. Upon further examination, and also calling on Todd to look, I realized the lights actually belonged to flocks of fishing boats on the lake; it was past midnight, and the Fishing Opener had arrived.

In the years that have followed, I have always enjoyed watching the anglers take to the water the first moment the season starts. I figured last night would be no exception, and I stayed up to wait for the launch. But, midnight came and went, and... no boats.

This morning, all morning, I kept watch on the lake, and saw only one, lone fishing boat, with two die-hards huddled inside. When it's 44 degrees and raining, I guess, even the die-hards would rather stay home. We got as far as Todd taking the kids to Fleet Farm today to buy new fishing rods-- or "reelers," as Benjamin called them. That was Krinkeland's contribution to the sport of angling.

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