Friday, May 27, 2011

She's Hard to Read

Guess what? Elisabeth is getting glasses. It's no optical illusion. Libby and Benjamin had their checkups with the ophthalmologist, and she confirmed what Libby told me the day Amanda got her glasses: "Amanda can't see far away, but I can't see when I read." At the time, I thought, whatever, Kid; you just want glasses because your big sister got glasses. But the eye doctor told me Libby was telling the truth.

While Amanda is near-sighted and will likely always need glasses or some kind of lens correction, Elisabeth is far-sighted and could potentially outgrow her need for glasses as her eyes grow. However, for now, the doctor said it's important that Libby get glasses and wear them all the time, to prevent further eye damage from the ways her eyes have been over-compensating to read.

Libby had quite the time picking out her frames. It is hard for Libby to decide on anything. After multiple visits to different shops, she ended up choosing the first pair she tried on. It also appears to be the most expensive pair of glasses in the Western Hemisphere. But, she is excited to wear them... So the order is in.

Also, we've decided to sell the other two children-- in part to cover the cost of the eyeglasses, but also to ensure we won't have to buy more glasses for more children.

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