Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Namesayer

For months, now, I have observed that Madeline does not say her own name, nickname, anything. For some time, she really did not say many discernible words at all, so that was just part of the lack of speaking. Sometime around her second birthday, she did began to talk a little more-- and now she talks a lot, sometimes even in the family language, sometimes in her own, unique native tongue-- but I remember telling the pediatrician at Maddy's last well child visit, "She still doesn't talk much. And she doesn't say her name. She doesn't call herself anything."

I remember each of the other children as toddlers making some approximation of their own names-- "Ama," "Wibby," "Benny." Finally, Madeline started saying "me" and "mine," which took away my concern and replaced it with annoyance. What mother hasn't heard toddler choruses of "Mine, MINE, MINE?!"

Still, one of us will ask Madeline pretty much every day, "Hey, Maddy, what's your name?" (Get it? There's a big clue in the way we pose the question.) Up until now, she has just smiled and said nothing. Today, however, we got our answer. Madeline stood tall, put her hands over her ears and yelled, "MAD KINKY!"

I am so proud.

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Ellen said...

Mad and kinky. Wow.