Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow What?

After spending much of the day at home, I packed up the kids for a late-afternoon errand. When we got to the store, the weather was balmy enough that Benjamin was swinging his jacket above his head. When we were ready to leave, it was snowing so hard we couldn't see across the parking lot!

As we stood in the entryway, bundling up, an older man turned to the kids and fake-scolded, "SNOW! Did YOU order this?!" The kids, in unison, giggled and said, "YES!" It has been such a crazy winter-- Elisabeth commented, "Well, we didn't get a white Christmas, but maybe a white Ash Wednesday."

Of course, to go along with the new snow, all the drivers on the road forgot how to drive. So, it took an hour to get home and I wished we'd never left. The one bonus was I discovered my new car has heated side-view mirrors. Nice.

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