Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What a Day!

By this time (late afternoon) in a day like today, my only response to anything else that comes my way is likely to be, "Are you kidding me?!"  It's just been one of those days.  In the handful of hours since Todd left for Germany:
  • Todd called to say he'd forgotten his noise-cancelling headphones.  I offered to drive and meet him to give them to him, but he said no (which was gracious, since I was still in my pajamas and two kids were still asleep.)  Then, he called twice more to tell me his flight was 15 hours long, with two layovers, and he wasn't in first class for the international leg and it was going to be really hard to get any rest without his headphones.
  • It began raining three minutes after I left the car wash.
  • I came home from the store without the three items for which I went to the store.
  • One girl got invited to sleep over at a friend's house; but, after accepting, she began whining that she wasn't sure about sleeping over.  I still don't know how that one will turn out.
  • The three older children made so much noise that the youngest never did take a nap.
  • The boy, up way too early, had a total mid-afternoon meltdown that led to the breaking of a shelf in the refrigerator and culminated in me forcing him to take a nap-- for which I will continue to pay tonight.
  • I locked myself in the bedroom with a pile of laundry to fold and all I could find to watch out of like 400 channels of television was a rerun of "Ghost Whisperer."
  • Dad's not here for kindergarten orientation.
  • People have put crazy crap on Facebook that makes me worry and stop everything to pray for them-- is that their intent, and do they know what they do to me?
  • The dog pooped on the floor.

There have been some bright spots: I stumbled upon a killer deal on Diet Dew.  And... well... I guess it's been just the one bright spot. 

It's the kind of day when complaining does no good.  (No, I know-- complaining really never does any good.)  If consulted, my mother would tenderly remark, "Well, what did you THINK it would be like?!"  But, the fact of the matter is, when an adorable, if nervous, young man got down on one knee and flashed a diamond in my face, I did not THINK about lengthy and frequent business trips... or apple juice battles... or poop on the floor.

Did you?!

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