Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why Kids Are Not Invited to Class Reunions

My children were thrilled to learn I was attending my class reunion, mostly because it meant they got to have a sleepover at Grandma's and Grandpa's.  Amanda, at least, understood the concept of a high school reunion.  I think it helped when I came home with a DVD version of our graduation festivities.  All the kids could pick me out right away.  Here are some of their more memorable comments:

Amanda: "Mom, were you the only one without big hair in high school?"
Mom: "Possibly."
Amanda: "Did anyone at the reunion still have big hair?"
Mom: "Possibly."

Elisabeth: "I can find you in every picture.  You look exactly the same.  Except, you used to be pretty when you were young."

Elisabeth: "Was your old boyfriend at the reunion?"
Mom: "Which one?"
Elisabeth: "Any of them."
Mom: "Well, yeah, I guess."
Elisabeth: "Did you kiss him?"

Benjamin: "Why isn't Dad in any of these pictures?"
Mom: "Daddy wasn't in my high school class."
Benjamin: "Oh, so was he at home waiting for you?"

Elisabeth: "Did anyone at the reunion have more kids than you?"

Amanda: "Did anyone from your high school class die?"
Mom: "Yes, we've lost a number of classmates since high school."
Amanda: "Oh.  Did they all die of old age, then?"

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