Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pedal Power

When we began this first day of summer vacation by spending the morning in our jammies and polishing off an entire loaf of cinnamon toast, I had no idea the day would end on such a momentous note.  There were a couple wheel-y big developments, actually, causing us to wrap up the day with celebratory Oreo milkshakes.

The other day, I casually mentioned to Pam, Benjamin's adaptive Phy. Ed. teacher and all-around favorite person, that we were still having trouble getting Ben going on two wheels.  This afternoon, she came over, bearing a Balance Buddy.  (I have trouble making links when posting from my iPad, so just look it up).  Pam even took off Ben's training wheels and installed the Balance Buddy on the back of his bike! I vowed we would try it out, just as soon as the more patient parent arrived home.

In the meantime, we have also been bicycle shopping for Amanda (a topic I also discussed with Pam, who has a same-aged daughter).  The dilemma is which size to buy-- Amanda is not quite tall enough for a 26" frame, but it seems wasteful to buy a 24" bike and have her outgrow it shortly.  Coincidentally, after Pam's visit, I received an email from my mom: She had purchased for my sister a bike at a garage sale but my sister said it was too small, and might Amanda be able to use it?  Dilemma solved-- smaller, less costly bike for now, with a bigger purchase down the line.

Amanda is thrilled with her new bike.  She scrubbed it up, dubbed it "Breezy," and, after a quick gear-and-hand-brake lesson, she was off!  Her sisters followed (one on a three-wheeler) and that left just the boy.

Ben and Daddy went across the road to the vacant street that runs parallel to ours and began the arduous task.  There was just one obstacle to Ben riding a two-wheeler: FEAR.  In the matter of a half-hour or so, he finally decided to get over himself and suck it up.  And I would definitely say the Balance Buddy helped.  I would not yet call him Lightning on Tread-- starting and stopping are a little wobbly-- but Ben is riding: Watch "Benjamin rides" on YouTube!

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