Saturday, June 8, 2013

Showered with Love

The girls and I attended a bridal shower for our dear friend Kailee, in whose wedding the kids will all take part come August.  This spring, they have gotten some experience with wedding and baby showers.  Mostly, the girls find these gatherings boring.  And I get it.  The conversation and the food is adult.  The games are non-existent or above their heads.  The gifts are not for them.  After attending a few showers, these are some general remarks from the girls:
"I thought there would be more to it."
"She never said 'Thank you' for all those gifts."
"How come boys never have to go to these things?"
"It would have been better if we could have played outside."
"Well, I made it as interesting as I could."

So, with that kind of track record, I was anxious about taking them; but, since it was for Kailee and they looove Kailee, the girls insisted.  They were over-the-top, off-the-wall excited and just plain nuts.  The girls made themselves the center of attention, received special party favors, and got to be models for the toilet paper wedding dress game:
And, they cracked me up with running commentary before, during and after the shower:
"Can we go swimming?" ("No"). "Oh, not until the reception, then?"
"Will there be hedgehogs there?"
"Everyone here is so pretty-- not just us."
"This present is very, very fragile." (banging it on the ground)
"It's a good thing we're the only kids here-- I think it makes us more enjoyable."
"If the shower was this fun, I can't wait for the wedding."
"I'm going to name my (potted plant) Liam."
"Kailee remembered to tell everyone 'Thank you.'"
"Kailee is my best friend."

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