Friday, June 7, 2013

This Is How It's Thrown

My children are talented in many ways.  (As their mother, I am required to say that).  I am so proud of all the things they do well.  Even when it comes to bad behavior, they rise to the top as the best of the worst.  This is particularly true when it comes to tantrums.  The Krinkeland kids can pitch fits with the best of them.

This obnoxious tendency is not even one I can pin on their father.  Though I am not proud to admit it, I can scream and stomp and throw things like a champ-- a really naughty champ.  Yep, the tantrums are all mine.  Only one of the four kids is a silent sulker like the man I married... And that's a dangerous thing, too, albeit a much more socially acceptable way to behave.

Today, I think Miss Madeline may have set a new record: Watch "Maddy's Fit" on YouTube

That tantrum was sparked when Madeline said she wanted to go outside to play, and I said she certainly could-- just as soon as she got dressed.  That girl raged on for more than a half-hour, I swear.  It's amazing she still has a voice, and that the only damage was the un-making of my bed.

I have gotten pretty adept at ignoring tantrums, but this one was so over-the-top I couldn't help but engage.  She followed me from room to room and level to level in the house as I went about my day.  I repeatedly pointed out how simple it would be for Madeline to get what she wanted... how her pjs could go right into the laundry room... how she did not even have to go to her bedroom to find clothes because I was in the process of folding... But Maddy was so hysterical, she could not hear me, or, at least, could not process my suggestions or act on them.

Then, I made it worse: I laughed.  I mean, 20 minutes in or so, when I have made soothing sounds to calm her and have been assaulted with "I! CAN'T! STOP!" what else could I do?  It got even worse when I couldn't stop laughing.  As I often say with motherhood, "I have to laugh; otherwise, I'd be crying."  Well, this day held plenty of both.

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