Monday, July 29, 2013

How I Spent My 39th Birthday

Because so many of you have been kind to ask, this is how I spent my 39th birthday:

As I do most mornings, I awoke before the others, went for a walk with my friend and walking partner, and pulled some weeds in my yard.  Upon my return, everyone was up and gathered in the living room to present me with homemade cards and bracelets, and this long begged-for gift-- a kayak!

The kids and I lazed around a bit, had breakfast and did some laundry, and then I went to my weekly prayer hour in the parish chapel.  Upon my return home, my mom called and said she was on her way with a delivery of Chinese food for lunch.  She did not come alone!  We were joined for lunch by my dad, my sister, my brother and sister-in-law, and ALL of my nephews and nieces.  They liked the kayak, too.

The lovely weather made for a nice takeout picnic on the deck.  (Oh, Madeline wasn't sitting and eating?  That's right, Madeline never sits and eats.)

Did I mention there was dessert?  Naturally, it was Dairy Queen cake.  And naturally, Mom had the decorator put on my age.

All that sugar, and things did get a little wild.

After everyone left, I launched my gift, and it was heaven on water!

It was so fun and so relaxing, and I really enjoyed having a kayak... But then I lost it to the next waiting customer.

Todd came home and said I could pick where we went for my birthday supper.  I picked Jimmy John's.  I really did.

Elisabeth complained she hates Jimmy John's and Benjamin dumped lemonade in his lap... But at least we had dinner entertainment.  (Note, Maddy, again, not sitting and not eating.  She never does.)

The others lobbied for Dairy Queen after supper, but, we still had DQ cake at home!  Plus, we had to get home before rain or darkness fell, because everyone else wanted to try what used to be my kayak.

As we wound down the evening, a friend stopped by, capping a day of phone calls, cards, text messages and Facebook posts.  She brought fresh flowers, because she is just the kind of friend who knows what another friend likes.

Happy birthday to me!

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