Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Best About Boys

As our family visited Baby Theo and his family on his homecoming, we noticed he and his mother were absent for a particularly lengthy diaper change. When they finally emerged, Theo was dressed in new clothes and wrapped in a new blanket, and his mother was shaking her head and giggling. Yep, the diaper came off and he peed all over.

It happens with boys.

I am enjoying reliving these years with my brother and SIL, as their family path follows one similar to ours: two girls fewer than two years apart, followed by a little boy. I remember. I remember discussing with my sister about how girls and boys are similar and dissimilar. I remember another friend who had two boys followed by a girl and she thought changing the girl's diaper was so much more difficult (but she was wrong.) I remember being bummed by the few choices in little boy clothes but being excited about all the cool little boy toys. I remember how my boy got into the Barbies and the nail polish just because it's what his big sisters were into, and it was OK.

All this got me thinking that maybe I should offer my SIL and brother some advice-- things to look out for-- about how this boy will be different from their girls. I am not trying to stereotype... just observe. And, I am certainly not an expert. The Boy Expert is my sister.

1. Uncovered boys will pee. Everywhere. (Wait, they already learned that one.)
2. Boys take apart things. Everything.
3. If it beeps, flashes or moves-- preferably all three-- boys love it.
4. When asked why he did something (stupid), a boy will respond, "I don't know." He really doesn't.
5. When told "No," sometimes, boys will do it, anyway.
6. Dirt is irrelevant.
7. Boys are drawn to rocks, water, and their own privates as though they are all magnetized.
8. There is no sitting still.
9. Boys will annoy girls just because they can.
10. Boys are the most loving, forgiving and uncomplicated creatures around. Welcome to the Drama-Free Zone!

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