Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Girl for All Seasons

You know I was feeling blessed that my back is feeling better when I used the few hours between events today to work on the yard. Little One helped me, claiming she loves to rake leaves, but, in reality, talking a lot more about taking than actually raking. I love it when they get that idea in their heads about making a huge pile of leaves for jumping... But then  they tire of the chore after gathering, like, eight leaves.

She stuck with it, though-- kept raking... kept talking...

"Mom, this is so much fun! I love taking leaves!"
"It would be really awesome if this was the Fourth of July!"
"Did you just say this would be 'awesome if this was the Fourth of July'?"
"Because it would be fun to have a leaf pile on the Fourth of July!"
"What would be so fun about that?"
"Well, it would be warm, because the Fourth of July is in, like, August, right?"
"No, actually the Fourth of July is in JULY."
"Oh, well, it's still too bad that we only get leaves in the fall-- 'cuz this is fall... Right?"

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