Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tales from the Sick Side

I had to do a little Krinkeland public relations today after a compassionate but overly dramatic brother went to school and told everyone, "We need to pray and make cards for my sister because she is really, really sick and she will be out of school for six months to a year!"

No, Love. 

Amanda is feeling pretty cruddy, and the doctor did tell us fatigue and other lingering symptoms could last six months or longer... But it's MONO. She will recover. We are all gonna make it. And she will be going back to school in fewer than six months time. Two days has already felt like two decades.

A: "This staying-home-thing rocks... except for this mono-thing."

A: "I feel so special being sick. Everyone has brought me such nice presents!" (Changes into soft, new p.j.s.)
M: "Are you going to start one of your new books?"
A: "Nah, I'm too tired."
M: "Those are some cool, new magazines."
A: "Nah, I'm too tired."
M: "Want to watch your new movie?"
A: "Nah, I'm too tired."

A: "I tried to do my homework, but this happened."

A: "You know, it's days like this I thank God for my homeschool friends, so at least I have someone to talk to."

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