Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Baby

I guess I'm naturally kind of self-centered, so, with the recent arrival of my niece Rosalind in conjunction with the Easter celebration, I cannot help thinking about another baby girl born fourteen years ago at Eastertime:

Yes, this little girl was also pretty, darn new (I'm thinking about two weeks old) and Easter was the first really perfect reason to dress up Amanda like a little doll. She was our little doll, and still is, but now we have a whole dollhouse full and they dress themselves! Yes, the styles have changed... But not the way tiny tights bag on those chicken legs!

Since Amanda was our first-- unlike Rosalind who is the fifth child at her house-- we could give her our undivided attention. I clearly remember getting Amanda dressed for church on Easter Sunday and then, while I was getting ready, Daddy and new daughter had this photo shoot:

Amanda was so tiny next to her Easter basket! (And it's wild to think that at birth she outweighed Lindy by nearly two pounds.) Everyone at church oohed and aahed over the pretty baby and passed her around. This year, Rosalind slept through mass... But we still had to pull her out at the end so all the people in the congregation who already love her could get a good look:

I'm as sentimental seeing those big brothers dote on their baby sister as I am looking back at photos of the Easter baby who made me Mommy.

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