Sunday, September 25, 2016

Our First Homecoming

Yes, the title of this post is "Our" because it feels as though we all in Krinkeland have been dragged into and through the Homecoming Week excitement!  Amanda and Elisabeth each had dress-up days all last week at school.  They attended the Friday night football game, where our team was trounced.  Saturday night was the much-anticipated Homecoming Dance, a semi-formal event and Amanda's first school dance.  I have so much I could write... so much I witnessed as it turned out concessions for the event are a fundraiser for the school theater program and, with Amanda's casting in the fall play, I am officially a Drama Mama... so much I am still processing...

For now, I can just say:
*I have a beautiful daughter of whom I am proud;
*she has a healthy self-esteem and respect for herself;
*she has nice friends;
*I'm glad it's over.

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