Thursday, July 13, 2017

Chicken Legs, Eleventyteen, Double Toothpicks, ELEVEN

Today is Benjamin Todd's eleventh birthday.  The day always conjures much joy and many memories throughout Krinkeland, particularly because Ben makes sure he is always seen and heard, and never forgotten.  What can I tell you about my Number One Son at this juncture in his life?  Let's see...

11. The current loves of his life are fishing and video games.
10. He is quite an adventurous eater, always gravitating toward bold flavors.
9. The boy is a hog and a bum, plowing through snacks in the pantry and stuffing the wrappers under his bed.
8. Benjamin's current goal in life is to play football-- on a screen, in the yard, on a team.  He plans to play professionally one day, quarterback, naturally.
7. Like his older sisters, Ben has some funky teeth, with the permanent ones growing in behind the non-loose baby ones.  There's a dentist visit later in the month to address this issue.
6. He doesn't exactly initiate chores, but will always willingly do whatever is asked of him, whether it's his job or not.
5. Ben loves anything sticky, and all things that make annoying noises.
4. His shoe size is 2, pants and shirts are 10, and he favors those athletic socks that go up the leg.
3. Benjamin's favorite place to go is anywhere where he can be the only kid.
2. He's really getting into power tools, particularly when Dad is not paying attention.
1. Ben is still super affectionate, and never tries to go to bed without a big hug and kiss for Mom.

Benjamin celebrated his birthday by inviting four friends (including cousin Solomon) for a swimming-fishing-eating sleepover last night.  The rest of the day was spent with the usual running around town, to and from activities, but with an added layer of zombie from the night before.  Dad and Biggest Sis had a boring meeting tonight, and Second Sis had rehearsal, so we Three Musketeers went off on our own adventure.  Welcome, Eleven!  Happy, happy birthday, Benjamin Todd!  Jesus loves you and Mommy does, too.

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