Monday, November 20, 2017


A years-long struggle to get the children to turn right-side-out their pant legs before putting them in the wash has come to a close, with their father's admission he's been coaching kids to pull pants inside-out because "it's better for the pants." By all means, Krinkeland, consider what's best for the pants.

Monday, November 13, 2017

What a Day It Was!

Three years ago this day, anything that could happen did. During a snow-and-ice storm, two kids had out-of-town Knowledge Bowl meets at different schools. Grandpa P. and I went to watch.  (Grandma R. was there, too, naturally... but this story takes some crazy turns in the direction of my wacky family, so we'll leave her alone for now.)  Grandma P. went to my sister's house, to care for children as the oldest was hospitalized with a nasty infection. Then, my SIL Kristin went into labor! 

Uncle Todd pulled out of an important business dinner-- must have been a family emergency for that hard-working man to actually, suddenly leave work-- to take care of one set of littles, while Grandma went to the others. We dashed out of the meet, but an excited Grandpa put his truck in the ditch. Late in the evening, once all households were somewhat settled, I drove to the hospital to sit at the bedside my oldest nephew.  At the same time, at the hospital right next door, the my youngest nephew was making his debut!  

What a birthday story for the adorable Theo!  Here's what I wrote about the events at the time.  Three years later, all's well that ends well, and everyone is able to laugh about that crazy day.  Well, everyone except my brother, that is.  I'm pretty sure he's still ticked.  

Ted: "I warned you guys!  I told you everyone could not leave town-- it was Kristin's due date!"   
Me: "Yeah, yeah, we know... but who actually delivers a baby exactly on the due date?!"
Ted: "My wife.  Twice."

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sometimes It’s That Easy

Benjamin is having a friend spend the night to celebrate the end of the first quarter of school. Just kidding, I don’t know why there’s a sleepover, except that there’s no school tomorrow and I’m a sucker. He was up bright and early, preparing and scheming (but, of course, not actually picking up or cleaning anything.)

Ben: “Mom, can I ask you something— two somethings, actually— about tonight? Even though I️ know you’re probably going to say, ‘NO.’”
Mom: “Probably. But, sure.”
B: “Can we please sleep in the den?”
M: “I don’t care.”
B: “Really?!”
M: “Sure. The only thing is, you can’t play video games all night. Regular, weekend rules apply.”
B: “OK!”
B: “And, Mom, the other thing— can we have milkshakes and popcorn for a snack?”
M: “Like, you want me to get out the blender and make shakes and pop popcorn?”
B: “Yes.”
M: “Yes.”

I’m still trying to figure out what I’m missing that would make those improbable requests... but I’m trying to remain optimistic and thankful. If only they were all that easy to please all the time.