Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The St. Nick I Knew

I came across this in a social media feed today and just had to share.  It was created and broadcast the year I was born, so, obviously, I did not see it.  But, 20 years later, I did have the privilege of working with this man.  Like any other human, Dave Moore was no angel, but he was a character, and a darling, and the most amazing storyteller.  Not that long after my stint as an assistant on "Moore On Sunday," Dave Moore died.  It has now been well more than 20 years since we worked together.  I cherished the time we shared in the newsroom, and all I absorbed just from being around him-- how to spin a yarn and the much more valuable trait of how to make people feel important.  These weren't exactly lessons, no wisdom he was determined to impart, but just how Dave was.  He could be exasperating and exhausting, but everyone still wanted to be around him.  This sort of story shows why.  Maybe this piece will warm your heart the way it does mine.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas to All!

We have had an absolutely glorious weekend celebrating the birthday of a King!  The kids' last day of school before Christmas break was Thursday, so we had Friday and Saturday for final holiday preparations.  Elisabeth had a baking day with friends, and there was lots of cleaning before and after.  There was also wrapping, lots and lots of wrapping.  Thanks to a snafu involving the United States Postal Service, or an online photo card company, or both, our Christmas cards still have not arrived, so I did not get those sent.  Benjamin and Madeline took a trip to South Dakota with Grandma R. to celebrate with Grandpa R.'s extended family.


I have yet to post videos from all the kids' Christmas concerts... lots of good music coming your way eventually!  With Christmas Eve on a Sunday, it seems we had lots of churching-- I love it all!  We spent our traditional Christmas Eve with Grandma R. and Lisa, followed by Christmas Day with Grandma and Grandpa P. and the rest of my family.  I was sorry niece Lindy was home sick, and nephew Thaddeus is still working on his goals to be able to bust out of Children's Hospital.  One of my most sincere prayers this season is for Tad to be able to come home soon.

The weird cousins continued their annual tradition of interpreting the Christmas story in original story and song.  Here it is.  (You may be disappointed.)  So, that's the entertainment portion of this blog post.  The line of the day goes to one of my big girls (I am unsure which, as I am listening from the comfort of my bed, as Dad and the kiddos assemble and test Libby's gift of a countertop pizza oven: "I just love gifts from Dad!  He picks out the best things we didn't even know we wanted!"

 In this season of great love, I am grateful for wishes fulfilled and deep affections shared.  I wish you peace, and also ask for your prayers:

*For Thaddeus, that his health remains stable, and he becomes better at eating and staying awake so he can come home to all of us
*For all battling viral bugs this holiday season
*For all FOUR gym babies due this spring and early summer
*for S & J and their unborn child
*for T with recent breast cancer diagnosis
*for S as she awaits biopsy results
*For M, M, and all those receiving cancer treatment
*for Eddie's continued recovery and return to health following his heart transplant, and for his donor's family
*for the opportunity to visit Gua this week, and for her to have a good week
*in memory of Buppa, following the 21st anniversary of his death
*for all those missing loved ones who have died in the past year
*for orphans-- of all ages and in all places-- without families at Christmastime, that their intended parents may find them soon
*for MERCY

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Boy Star

Just by the chance of the calendar, this weekend was Benjamin’s weekend in the spotlight, and, boy, did he shine! On Saturday, he served mass for the first time at our church. When I told the other, older altar servers Ben was nervous and they needed to have his back, he scolded me and said he was NOT nervous. Yet, when the priest asked Ben if he was nervous, he didn’t really answer, but he did seem to visibly relax once the priest said he, too, was nervous the first time he served. Father reminded Benjamin to just not make a big display of it if he made a mistake and no one would notice. Sure enough, after mass was over, Ben said he’d made a couple mistakes, but none of us noticed.

Then, Sunday afternoon, Benjamin had his first performance with the Norh Star Boys’ Choir. He’s been singing with the Cadet Choir, a training/feeder group, for only about two months, and Benjamin’s TWO FULL PEWS of fans agreed they sounded great! I’ll post videos of th small group’s songs once I get them uploaded to YouTube. Ben has made a nice friend in the group and seems to enjoy the instruction from the directors, and especially the camaraderie with all. Todd was a choir boy, so I know he and his mom get a little thrill as they stroll down memory lane with our boy.

Amidst the rush and madness of this season, we rejoice in these sweet, family times. Happy, happy day!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tad Love

There's a new guy in my life: Announcing nephew Thaddeus Nathan!  My sister gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, but a lot of excitement and some technical difficulties kept me from posting about Baby Tad.  I am over the moon!

Boy got to arrive at 35 weeks, because both he and his mother had some interesting things going on medically.  So, Tad will be in the hospital for a while... but doesn't he look absolutely perfect?!

I got to be at the hospital when he was born, and I snuck along to the NICU to witness his baptism before dashing back to the surgical waiting room to wait on his mother.  Now, I'll hang back (maybe) and await his homecoming.  Then, I'm going to love him up all the days of my life.  When his nurse would turn away, I would lean in and whisper in Tad's ear, "You are MINE."  I don't think his parents appreciated that much, but, like they always say, you can't choose your family.

Warmest congratulations to his brothers and sister.  They got to meet him today, and I know they must also be in love!  Welcome to the world, Baby Tad!  Jesus loves you and so does Auntie!